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Miranda Diffner


Maple Ridge, British Columbia


[email protected]

Why Shop with a Consultant?

With the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories, it's easy to find something you'll love. When you place your order from me from this private, secured site, your order will arrive at your home promptly and wrapped in discreet packaging. What are you waiting for? Let's shop!

Wish list longer than expected? No problem! When you host a party with me, you receive a free gift plus a percentage of your party's sales to use toward the product you love-all for having a night of laughs your friends will never forget. Hosting is always free and always fun, so call me to book your party today!

Thank you so much for supporting my small business by taking the time to visit my website! I truly do appreciate your business and support, I would love to be your Pure Romance consultant for life. I have been in business for almost 3 years and have been fortunate enough to lead a team of 20+ amazing women. I take my business very seriously and I love going the extra mile for my clients, they are lifetime friends! Making connections with clients is one of my favorite parts about being in business.. helping them when I can and being there when I am needed. Whether its for a fun ladies night in or a personal consultation to a coffee and catalog meeting, I do them all! Empowering and educating women is something I am extremely passionate about. Not alot of women have access to safe and accurate health information and they skipped all the good stuff in SexEd class! Helping make a difference in someones life, relationship, self-esteem and confidence drives me to be a better version of myself, and continues to change my life everyday. Pure Romance has allowed me to go from working three jobs and going to school to working a full-time job while doing parties part-time to quitting my full-time cushy office job to take my business Full-Time. I am super excited on this new adventure where I will have more time and energy to focus on my business, my family, and most importantly being a stay at home dog mom. If your looking to make some extra side cash to pay off student loans, bills, those activities you've always wanted to put your children in, a shopping addiction or if your looking to completely replace your income...lets talk and I would love to coach you to success. Let chat! 778-887-1149