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So You Booked a Pure Romance Party...What’s Next?


So You Booked a Pure Romance Party...What’s Next?

Here’s everything you need to know about planning and hosting the perfect party with your Consultant.

Congratulations on booking your Pure Romance party! You’ve taken the first step toward hosting an unforgettable bash for you and your friends. So, what can you expect? Definitely some quality time with your friends full of education, empowerment, and entertainment – and some incredible products that are going to make your life a whole lot hotter.

What else? Well, before the big day arrives, here are some things to keep in mind as you get everyone excited for the party!

You’ll Plan with Your Consultant. The great thing about booking a Pure Romance party is that whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, you’re never in this alone! Your Consultant will guide you each step of the way, helping you create a Facebook event to share with your guests, offer beautiful digital assets like invites and social sharables to give party details to your guests, set expectations for the day of the party, and walk you through the entire planning process.

You’ll Pick a Theme. Or Just … Party. If you haven’t yet told her why you’re having a party, your Consultant will probably ask. Are you celebrating something big like a birthday or bachelorette party? Looking for a fun, creative way to ring in a holiday or season? Are the kids back in school and you just need a reason to party with your fellow moms? Tell your Consultant! She’ll help you find the perfect beverages, snacks, décor, music, and more to help you set the mood for an incredible party.

You’ll Build a Guest List – And Keep Your Guests Excited! It’s not a party without your guests, and the more the merrier: so invite everyone! Remember, women ages 18 and up are invited to attend a Pure Romance party, so start thinking about everyone you hang out with and add ‘em to your list. Your Consultant will work with you on how to keep attendance and excitement high, but remember: not everyone will attend your party, so the more people you invite, the higher number of “yesses” you can expect.

Your Guests Can Shop Early – and You’ll Love The Rewards! We’re sure one of the big reasons you decided to host a Pure Romance party is because you wanted your favorite products for free – and we’re with you! The more your guests shop, the more you’ll get in free goodies and bonuses; and even if they can’t make it to the party, your guests can place their orders beforehand using a special party ID, and all those orders will count toward your party total! How cool is that?! There are a number of ways you can reach out to guests and encourage them to place order; and your Consultant can walk you through them all.

You’ll Have A Incredible Time! This goes without saying, but a Pure Romance party is an unforgettable event. Enjoy time with friends. Ask questions about your body or how to make your sex life even hotter. Learn about yourself, our incredible products, and how you and our products are oh-so-perfect for each other. Shop your heart out. What more could you want from a girls’ night?

Each Consultant will put her own spin on party planning, so don’t be surprised if she has some other fun ideas for you! Haven’t booked your bash yet? Sign up here to host the next party! Happy partying!